In february 2014 we stopped by Home Direct in Tucson, to have a look at mobile homes, just by curiosity.
And there we found the perfect little home right for us, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, big kitchen, open space, 1,600 sq feet, and only $69,000.
Gina and I decide to buy it.
We come back in March, to complete the paper work and choose all the option down to the paint, door handles and what have you.

Now the price with delivery, permits, foundation, sceptic tank, and installation is $127,000
It is supposed to be done in 16 weeks, which means the house is supposed to be delivered in August.
Gina goes back with her sister, but left on 8/20 when the monsoon rain started.
The house was delivered the next day under torrential rain.
The rain will go on for 2 months, the worst deluge ever recorded in Cochise County. It is a state emergency.
Finally the rain will stop and the work resume.
In November we go to see the house. It is not finished yet.
The skirt is not up, the sceptic tank is not buried yet, no electricity, no gas, no water, no heating/cooling system.

The ceiling in the Kitchen is falling down under the weight of water that sipped under the roof.
After doing an exhaustive list of what was defective, and even plain wrong, like the pony wall that was not supposed to be there in the first place.

We come back in February and there's still some work needed.
Not only there's still no power, but somebody broke in and the back window in the master bedroom is broken.
Nights are cool and fresh, but we're not freezing, thanks to uncle Tom who gave us an electric heater.
We bring in a plumber to connect the gas so we can get some heat and can cook.
At that time the house, still not finished nor habitable, costed us $167,000.
The inspector shows up and, finally, signed on the final permit.
The roads are still very bad from the deluge like weather all winter long.
The inspector got stuck in the mud and I had to go and help him out, then I had to give him a ride as he didn't have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
It took about 48 weeks instead of the 16 weeks promised, and the house still has issues, but it is a place we can call home.
We put some stucco and I added some outside shutters to keep the sun and unwanted visitors out.


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