Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Snow and Solar System

Snow and Solar System When it snows, it is necessary to clean the Solar Panels so they can produce some power. The cleaning is a little like scrapping a windshield in a winter morning except, in my case, it more like scrapping an entire parking lot…We have 54 panels to clean one by one. I […]

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Snow, snow, snow

It is snowing today. A white Christmas?…Wait, wait, it is not even Thanksgiving nor Halloween, it is only October 27th, 2020! The air conditioning is still on 81°F from Yesterday but it is 29°F outside and the farm, and the solar panels, are covered with snow. Yesterday was a hot Summer, and today it is […]

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Fertilize the land

Use our own made fertilizer in the vineyard. We mixed our own fertilizer: Rosy’s manure, the goat, and any paper scrap and hashes we have around. We also add Used coffee grounds Nous utilisons notre  propre angrais: mixture de manure de Rosy, des chèvres, et les morceaux de papier-mâché et de cendres que nous avons […]

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Birds love Tempranillo

Birds love Tempranillo They are eating all the grapes they can and it is only 19 bricks…So we are covering it with nets to try and save as many as possible for harvest which should be in a couple of weeks now. Les oiseaux adore le Tempranillo Ils mangent tous les raisins qu’ils peuvent et […]

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Queen Bee

New Beehive at CHV We got a new beehive and a new Queen. Now we just need to add the bees from another beehive et wait for the honey. Nouvelle ruche à CHV Nous avons juste reçu une nouvelle ruche et une nouvelle reine. Maintenant nous avons juste besoin d’ajouter des abeilles d’une autre de […]

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Darn Rats

Roddents everywhere I killed 3 inside the truck, 4 in the garage, one in the barn, and they keep coming back trying to get in the house. They chewed through the window screen…I replaced it by a metal one and they chewed through it too!!! Rongeurs à gogo J’ai attrapé 3 souris dans le camion, […]

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