Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

2014 – The House Saga

In february 2014 we stopped by Home Direct in Tucson, to have a look at mobile homes, just by curiosity. And there we found the perfect little home right for us, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, big kitchen, open space, 1,600 sq feet, and only $69,000. Gina and I decide to buy it. We come back […]

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Copper Horse Vineyard

My wine story: 1982 I did an internship at Moon Valley Circuits in Sonoma Valley, CA for a month, working on the wine press electronic/circuits, mainly at Domain Chandon, but also at some other wineries. 1997 Crete for a week. Wines are not so good, but Uzo is quite good. 1997 Buenos Aires, Argentina for […]

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