As following the house saga, it is now the generator saga.
When the house was installed, at some point, somebody shut the gas tank.
The generator that cycles every two weeks, killed the battery by trying to start.
I realized that in February and get a new battery.
But then when we return in March, we discover that the generator is not running on his own.
We have to manually start it and it often stops with errors.
It finally dies in April and I have to go back in May to try fix it to no avail.
The Kohler representative stops by later in May and can't figure out what's wrong.
I go again in June, and bring it to Erik Simonsen in Tucson for repair.
After changing the console, reprogramming the unit and $3,000, the generator is ready.
A month later I go back to pick it up and re-install it ... but it is still not working.
It keeps on stalling after half an hour of running.
Something else is wrong with it.
Simonsen is supposed to come back and debug the unit on site.
We'll see.

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