Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

A baby kiss

A baby Kiss We have a baby goat called Seida as part of our dairy goat family. She is so cute. She was born on January 29th. Baisé d’un bébé Nous avons une petite chèvre appelée Seida dans nos rangs de chèvres laitières. Elle est si jolie. Elle est née le 29 Janvier. […]

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Time flies

It is all happening so fast… Two weeks ago we had buds in the vineyard, then leafs, and now flowers are coming. Before you know it we’ll have grapes and then it’ll be time to harvest and make wine, Corona Virus or not. Tout arrive si vite… Il y a  à peine deux semaines nous […]

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An odd visitor

An odd visitor… …while drinking wine outside. A buck came and visited for 20 minutes. It didn’t care much for us, it was there for the bird seeds in a molasse block. Un visiteur bien curieux… …alors que nous buvions un verre de vin dehors. Un cerf vint nous rendre visite pendant 20 minutes. Il […]

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Pruning is over

We finish the pruning… ….thanks to a wwoofer who spent 2 weeks with us working hard everyday to make it happened. She left and the next wwoofers cancelled because of the current crisis. Nous avons fini la taille des vignes… …grace à une wwoofeuse qui a passée deux semaines avec nous à travailler dur tous […]

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The vineyard is growing

In spite of everything…. In spite of everything, aka the virus, life goes on and the vineyard is growing. We have leaves growing everywhere. A good thing we for done with the pruning today! Malgrès tout ce qui se passe… Malgrès tout ce qui se passe, comme le Corona Virus, la vie continue et le […]

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Morning Frost

Morning Frost There has been lot of dew frozen on the windshield every morning, quite unusual in a (not so) dry and (not so) warm desert climate. This is the new desert climate. Gelée du matin Il y a beaucoup de gelée sur le parbrise de la voiture chaque matin, pas très normal dans un […]

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Best buddies

Best buddies Our dogs are now best buddies… Off course, like any siblings, they fight all the time, but they burn some energy. Jolie (Leila, but we had to rename her due to a pronunciation conflict) is growing an inch a week. Meilleurs amies. Nos deux chiennes sont maintenant meilleures amies… Comme tous les enfants, […]

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