Rising Alcohol in Wines & Rising CO2 Levels

Rising Alcohol in Wines & Rising CO2 Levels I read a very interesting article from Lisa Perrotti-Brown regarding the correlation between rising CO2 in the atmosphere and the rising of Alcohol in wine. The rise of alcohol in wine could be either that people like more alcoholic wine, or that, as it seems to be […]

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UPS Opens the Doors to European Shipping

UPS Opens the Doors to European Shipping UPS claim it can now ship to Europe...Except to France, mind you... and it has to be a minimum of 2 cases. Nice try, UPS. Ref: https://www.winebusiness.com/news/?go=getArticle&dataid=188109 UPS ouvre les portes au commerce Européen. UPS dit qu'il est possible d'expédier du vin en Europe. Mais pas en France, […]

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Alcoholism And Addiction In the Wine Industry

Alcoholism And Addiction In the Wine Industry   This is a very interesting article about the difference between Alcoholism and Addiction, and how to cope with both when working in the wine industry. In short it says that Addiction runs into your genes and it is not always easy to control, but Alcoholism is entirely […]

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Understanding Oxygen and Screw Caps

Understanding Oxygen and Screw Caps. Screw Caps are becoming more and more popular because they are cheaper and safer than regular corks. And now, screw caps breathe like a normal cork. The cons are, first, without a cork to fill the bottle, you have more open space in the bottle which might create an oxydation […]

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FDA Begins Winery Inspections

FDA Begins Winery Inspections. Wine-production facilities must have current registration, comply with Food Safety Modernization Act. It sounds good but what does it actually mean? Wineries have little in common with restaurant and food safety doesn't really applies to wineries. Wine is too acidic and alcoholic to allow any airborne germs to develop. Of course […]

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Total Eclipse of the Wine

Total Eclipse of the Wine How is the eclipse going to affect the harvest this Monday? The eclipse itself will probably just distract the workers and have little effect on the harvest. But the climate change does have an effect noticeable with the fruit especially in some regions such as Argentina where it is bad […]

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Cabernet Blanc

Cabernet Blanc in English: The Cabernet Blanc, as I discovered, is a grape, not a wine like White Zinfandel (Pink wine made of Zinfandel). According to the Wikipedia, Cabernet blanc is a white German and Swiss wine grape variety that is a crossing of Cabernet Sauvignon and an unknown hybrid grape variety. The grape was […]

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Who would think of pairing wine to weed?

Wine and weed pairing in English: It seems based on the article referenced below that pairing wine and cannabis is the new thing in California. When will it happen in Washington where weed is already legal? What about Arizona where it failed only by few votes at the last elections? Is there a new market […]

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Copper Horse Rosé

We are glad at Copper Horse Vineyard that our friends and family loved our wine. We thank you all. We have only 22 bottles left of our 1st born Rosé. But stay tuned, the Red is coming this Fall...and there will be much more in the coming year!   Judy rises her glass of CHV […]

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