Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Snow…Day 3

Snow…Day 3 The snow froze Yesterday but is slowly melting as the temperature slowly gets back up from 25°F last night to 32°F. No frozen pipes, that’s a relief. Animals seems OK too, that’s another relief. Unfortunately next year (meaning this coming Tuesday), the temperature will drop down to 15°F for several days in a […]

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Thanksgiving at CHV

Thanksgiving at CHV As appetizers, we had pepperoncini peppers stuffed with blue cheese, brioche with goat cheese camembert and rhubarb jelly, brioche toasts with shrimps and eggs, with Mumm’s champagne. For the main dish, turkey legs rolled with chard, and a salad of greens with broccoli, beans and beets, cranberry sauce, and gravy, served with […]

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