Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Feeding Hummingbirds and bats

Feeding Hummingbirds and bats We have three Hummingbirds feeders and now about a dozen hummingbirds come and feed daily. We also have bees from our two beehives coming and helping themselves at the feeders and the bird bath. But we also have noticed last night when we forgot our feeders outside, bats coming and drinking […]

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Cheese game up a notch

Cheese game: You remember the cheese game we blogged about in the past, where we have various cheeses, with various crackers, and various wines? Well, after playing it for months, and because the cheese variation around here is scarce, we pushed the game one notch up. We added chocolate. Different types of dark chocolate to […]

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Harvest time at CHV

Harvest Time at Copper Horse Vineyard: The harvest has started early this year, again. Last Monday we harvested almost a ton of Viognier and, on Wednesday, 2/3 of a ton of Syrah. It took 6 peoples 9 hours to harvest the Viognier, and only 4 hours to harvest the Syrah. Then there is the 1.5 […]

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Bugs in the Vineyard

Bugs in the vineyard: There are quite few bugs in the vineyard, but this one was the biggest and the most magnificent. I’m talking about the “Long-Jawed Longhorn Beetle” that I saw on a leaf of a vine. It feeds on fruit, normally of Saguaro, prickly pear cacti, but today, special, on Copper Horse Vineyard […]

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