Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Flat Bread with escargots and plateau de fromages et charcutries served with a Bordeaux

Flat Bread with escargots and plateau de fromages et charcuteries served with a Bordeaux: (*) Which means pizza of snails, with stinky cheese and red wine! The homemade pizza has French snails, garlic, artichokes hearts and cheese. The cheese plate has homemade goat Camembert, Manchego, and cheddar. The charcuterie is Italian salami. Wine pairing: We […]

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Love Story

Diva and Rosy are friends. In spite of the size difference and the character of each animal, Rosy, Gina’s horse, and Diva, our dog, befriended. They like to play together like sisters, running around the arena. They are so funny to watch and see them interacting…Just like kids. Diva et Rosy sont amies. Malgré la […]

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Sauerkraut with Pumpernickel Bread

Sauerkraut with Pumpernickel Bread. Gina cooked the sauerkraut in Tecate beer with bits of apple, coriander, mace, and cardamon. We use Polish sausage with our Sauerkraut. We served it with a homemade pumpernickel bread. Gina puts molasses, cocoa, and espresso in the bread, then spread some ground coriander on top before baking. Wine pairing: Sauerkraut […]

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Fire Protection

To protect my investment, I joined the fire department. As a volunteer I got to go on wild fires, especially those close to home. check:   Pour protéger mon investissement, j’ai join les pompiers de Portal. Comme volontaire je vais la où il y a des feux de campagnes, surtout ceux proche de chez […]

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