It is cold out there...

It is cold out there... We might be still in fall, it is already colder than it was last winter. It went down to 26°F last night, just for an hour but still, this is cold. Very Cold. And it was 28°F the night before, and it'll be 24°F tonight and tomorrow night. They said […]

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Working on the Road to CHV

Working on the Road: The road to CHV was badly damage and cut through by the rain so I finally borrowed the blade from a neighbor for my tractor and fixed the road. Much better now. Refaire la route: La route à CHV a été terriblement abimée et coupée par de profondes saillies par la […]

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What to do when overwhelmed by work?

Drop everything and go hiking for the day. We went last Thursday to the Onion Saddle for a day hike of 6 miles at about 7,000 feet of elevation. From above all the needy greedy from down there seems irrelevant .0 It was a good day. Quand vous avez trop à faire, que faire? Tout […]

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Fire by the Research Center

Fire by the Research Center in Portal On a Sunday morning I was called to get on a wildfire in the forest behind the Research Center in the Chiricahuas National Park. Portal Rescue was the first one on site, shortly followed by Douglas fire department, and the Department of Forestry. The fire was quickly controlled, […]

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Hiking Thursday

Hiking Thursday This Thursday we went hiking with the hiking group up Rustler Park up to 9,360 feet and for 6 miles. The view from there was nice, and there were flowers everywhere. After the monsoon, everything is growing and blooming. It was a good day. We also crossed 6 border patrols on a trail. […]

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Flash Flood

Flash Flood What is a Flash flood? It is a sudden, rapid flood, usually of short duration and local impact. Meaning, here, you are driving on the road in the sun just fine. But there's a big black cloud with lightnings in the mountain. It looks like it is going to rain. You come back […]

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Beautiful Sunset on CHV

Beautiful Sunset on CHV The humidity in the air is intensifying the colors in the sky. Magnifique couché de soleil à CHV L'humidité dans l'air intensifie les couleurs du ciel.

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A Bear Market...

A Bear Market... Here when we talk about a bear market, we mean it literally. A young bear came through our property and wander around to do its market for food. It destroyed one of our beehive (luckily the empty one), opened the metal barrel and scattered the chicken food that was inside, pushed down […]

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Thunderstorms season

Thunderstorms season We had a bad thunderstorm last week with winds at 55 mph. We are still fixing the damages. Happily it was the day we harvested the Syrah and it was safe in the garage. The vineyard did not suffer too much. The house was fine, we didn't loose power, but Portal and Rodeo […]

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A thunderstorm coming our way

A thunderstorm coming our way very fast... We had several thunderstorms the past weeks. Too much water for the grapes, and it is delaying our harvests. While the sugar is going down drawn in water, the acidity is going away...Bad! Un Orage vient  sur nous à grande vitesse... Nous avons eu beaucoup d'orages ses semaines […]

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