Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Winemakers mechanized Vineyards

Winemakers mechanized Vineyards Mechanization in the vineyard is the solution to workers shortage and is the future. Part of the article below: <<St. James Winery began a mechanization experiment in 2004 that lasted until 2009 using side-by-side rows in a block of Chardonel grapes. Meggitt reported that initially they found some variation in the fruit, […]

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End of the Harvest at CHV

End of the Harvest at Copper Horse Vineyard: We harvested the last of our grapes, the Mourvèdre, and are going to process it at the Cochise Wine Company’s winery. The grape is not the best, low sugar and low acidity, but waiting longer would just mean loose more grapes to the birds while the Ph […]

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Are birds a problem?

Are the birds a problem in the vineyard? At first, I said “NO”. The birds can have some grapes, as long as they eat the bugs. But when I saw what they can do to a vine, I changed my mind. Some vines completely eaten. The nightmare! It is partially my fault as I didn’t […]

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Harvest time at CHV

Harvest Time at Copper Horse Vineyard: The harvest has started early this year, again. Last Monday we harvested almost a ton of Viognier and, on Wednesday, 2/3 of a ton of Syrah. It took 6 peoples 9 hours to harvest the Viognier, and only 4 hours to harvest the Syrah. Then there is the 1.5 […]

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Rocks, my enemies, my friends

Rocks, my enemies, my friends, in English: There are many rocks in the vineyard at CHV. Everywhere as a matter of fact. They are rough when driving or walking on them. They damage the blades of the mower. And there are so many, you can’t even take them out. So what can I do? I started […]

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