Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona


Nematodes We have nematodes, tinny worms that eat vine roots, so to fight them, I’m adding more…But those are predatory nematodes, aka carnivores, and will feast on the bad ones…and other bugs by laying eggs in them. That’s better than chemicals. Nématodes Nous avons une infestation de nématodes, de petits vers qui mangent les racines […]

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Harvest time

Harvest time We had a crazy weather here, and the sugar is going up very quickly in the grapes. We harvested the Muscat at 30 Brix, and the Viognier at 24.6 yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll harvest the Syrah and the Tempranillo. I give a big thank to the fire department who came and helped for free […]

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Snakes Galore

Snakes Galore With the monsoon starting and the rain pouring, snakes are coming out every where. We saw a big Diamond-Back Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox – Venomous) and later a big Gopher Snake (Pituophis Catenifer – Non Venomous) in the vineyard. Both had a length of about 5 feet. Both are enemies and if they meet, […]

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