2015 - The generator Saga

As following the house saga, it is now the generator saga. When the house was installed, at some point, somebody shut the gas tank. The generator that cycles every two weeks, killed the battery by trying to start. I realized that in February and get a new battery. But then when we return in March, […]

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2014 - The House Saga

In february 2014 we stopped by Home Direct in Tucson, to have a look at mobile homes, just by curiosity. And there we found the perfect little home right for us, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, big kitchen, open space, 1,600 sq feet, and only $69,000. Gina and I decide to buy it. We come back […]

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Vineyard History - July 2013 - Vineyard is growing.

July 2013 - Vineyard is growing. We go back in July and look at our vineyard. It is time to remove all the shelters so the rain doesn't rot the baby vines. We also install 2 Owl Houses (says that 20 times very fast), as Owls eat rats and snakes, which the vines attract in […]

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Vineyard Story - 1st Planting April 2013

Vineyard Story - 1st Planting April 2013 A year after clearing the land, the soil is ready for our first planting of about 3,600 plants. Well there's few rocks in the way that we need to get out. And the well needs a pump shed for the irrigation system...got to think about those things. And […]

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Vineyard Story - Starting the work - 2012

Vineyard Story - Starting the work - 2012 First we have to drill a well. Elbrock dug it in March, 2012. He found the water at 450 feet deep. Then we have to clear the land... about 6 acres: Histoire du Vignoble - Le travail commence - 2012 Tout d'abord il faut creuser un puit. […]

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Starting a Vineyard - Finding the place - 2010

Starting a Vineyard - Finding the place - 2010 In 2000 we bought 80 acres at the foothills of the Chiricahuas, and in 2010 we decided to use it for our vineyard (a.k.a Copper Horse Vineyard). The land is at the exit of Sulfur Canyon, on a sort of delta. The rain water comes straight […]

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Vineyard History - Our house - February 2014/2015

House on Vineyard - February 2014/2015 We finally have a house near the vineyard, but it has been an adventure. It took a year from visiting the mobile home lot to actually have a house installed and almost ready to go on our land. Notre maison au Vignoble - FĂ©vrier 2014/2015 Nous avons finallement une […]

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Vineyard History - February 2015 - Pruning

February 2015 - Pruning We went to our Vineyard with the intend of pruning our vines, but as soon as we got on our land we noticed that a bedroom window of our new home has been broken into. It'll take 4 days to find a place (Bishop in Lordsburg) to fix the window. The […]

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Copper Horse Vineyard

My wine story: 1982 I did an internship at Moon Valley Circuits in Sonoma Valley, CA for a month, working on the wine press electronic/circuits, mainly at Domain Chandon, but also at some other wineries. 1997 Crete for a week. Wines are not so good, but Uzo is quite good. 1997 Buenos Aires, Argentina for […]

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