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Excitement in Rodeo, NM

Excitement in Rodeo, NM Following the Miller Fire in the Peloncillo mountains, 20 miles south of Rodeo, the Type 2 fire incident command post was set at the Desert Museum outside Rodeo, suddenly rising its population from 100 to 375 and lowering the average age to the mid twenties. Actually a good portion of the […]

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Doe at my feet

Doe at my feet Last night a doe came to eat the bird seeds (in molasses) right in front of us while we were sipping wine outside. Une biche à mes pieds La nuit dernière une biche est venue manger les graines des oiseaux (dans de la mélasse) just devant nous alors que nous nous […]

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Squatters in the BBQ

Squatters in the BBQ Not only we have a mice that keeps on coming back and building a nest in the BBQ every night and I burn it everyday when I light the BBQ, but a young rattlesnake decided to move in too. The cohabitation seems OK so far…But for how long? Des locataires dans […]

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We grow plants

Our plants Lately we have been eating lot of fresh artichokes. So Yummy! And we have garlic drying in the carport, not to keep away vampires, but for later. Nos Plantes, Récemment nous mangeons beaucoup d’artichauts frais. C’est délicieux! Et puis nous avons de l’ail sous l’auvent, pas contre les vampires, mais pour notre consommation. […]

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King Snake

King Snake in Gina’s Garden Diva found a king snake in Gina’s garden. A good thing she can’t get in. We like those non-venimous snakes that eat mice and even other snakes. Une couleuvre tachetée dans le jardin de Gina Diva a trouvé une couleuvre tachetée dans le jardin de Gina. C’est une bonne chose […]

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A baby Goat is born

A baby Goat is born A baby Goat is born Yesterday (Sunday) around 8am. It’s a boy so no names. We were checking on the mom every 30 minutes but it is born in between, so we missed it. Une petite chèvre est née… Une petite chèvre est née hier (Dimanche) vers 8 heure du […]

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