Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Best buddies

Best buddies Our dogs are now best buddies… Off course, like any siblings, they fight all the time, but they burn some energy. Jolie (Leila, but we had to rename her due to a pronunciation conflict) is growing an inch a week. Meilleurs amies. Nos deux chiennes sont maintenant meilleures amies… Comme tous les enfants, […]

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Lots of rain then ice

Lots of rain then ice It has been raining a lot, lately, and then the temperature dropped to freezing….not a good combination. It has been freezing every night this week and we are not even in Winter yet. Time to move further South? Beaucoup de pluie puis la glace Il a beaucoup plue la semaine […]

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Interesting fact

Something about temperatures rising The Monsoon started and we have clouds every afternoons with thunderstorms, showers and even both. But in the past few days something weird happened. As you can see on this picture, we have a blue sky over the vineyard and the Chiricahua’s, but several clouds with rain and thunders over the […]

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