Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Fertilize the land

Use our own made fertilizer in the vineyard. We mixed our own fertilizer: Rosy’s manure, the goat, and any paper scrap and hashes we have around. We also add Used coffee grounds Nous utilisons notre  propre angrais: mixture de manure de Rosy, des chèvres, et les morceaux de papier-mâché et de cendres que nous avons […]

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Birds love Tempranillo

Birds love Tempranillo They are eating all the grapes they can and it is only 19 bricks…So we are covering it with nets to try and save as many as possible for harvest which should be in a couple of weeks now. Les oiseaux adore le Tempranillo Ils mangent tous les raisins qu’ils peuvent et […]

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Time flies

It is all happening so fast… Two weeks ago we had buds in the vineyard, then leafs, and now flowers are coming. Before you know it we’ll have grapes and then it’ll be time to harvest and make wine, Corona Virus or not. Tout arrive si vite… Il y a  à peine deux semaines nous […]

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Pruning is over

We finish the pruning… ….thanks to a wwoofer who spent 2 weeks with us working hard everyday to make it happened. She left and the next wwoofers cancelled because of the current crisis. Nous avons fini la taille des vignes… …grace à une wwoofeuse qui a passée deux semaines avec nous à travailler dur tous […]

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The vineyard is growing

In spite of everything…. In spite of everything, aka the virus, life goes on and the vineyard is growing. We have leaves growing everywhere. A good thing we for done with the pruning today! Malgrès tout ce qui se passe… Malgrès tout ce qui se passe, comme le Corona Virus, la vie continue et le […]

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A new wwoofer

A new wwoofer (Willing Worker On Organic Farms) We got a new wwoofer, Jamie, and she is fabulous. Quick learner, hardworker, and do it all. Perfect wwoofer. Une nouvelle wwoofeuse (Travailleur Volontaire dans une ferme Organique) Nous avons une nouvelle wwoofeuse, Jamie, et elle est fantastique. Elle apprend vite, travaille dur et fait tout. Wwoofer […]

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Harvest is started

We started the harvest The first harvest was the Viognier on Saturday… 9 hours work straight from 5am to 2pm. Luckily it was not too hot. We got 3 bins which is about 1 ton of grapes or 2 barrels of juice. Les vendanges ont commencé La première vendange a été le Viognier Samedi dernier… […]

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