Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Rainbow on CHV

Rainbow on CHV A beautiful rainbow on CHV farm. We got lot of snow and rain this year and it is only the beginning. It’s good for the vineyard and the water table. Arc-en-ciel sur CHV Un arc-en-ciel magnifique sur la ferme. Nous avons eu beaucoup de neige et pluie cette année, et ce n’est […]

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Living out in the country

Living out in the country… …has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: I paid my dentist yesterday with few bottles of wine. Disadvantages: I ordered a refrigerator (17cuft…the size of a cow standing up) and the delivery company lost it on the way yesterday…it must have jump of the truck and ran into the hills. It’s […]

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King’s cake

King’s cake Last Sunday, for the Epiphany, Gina did a king’s cake with puff pastry and marzipan…and it was good! We served it with Prosecco. No charm or crown as Gina is always the Queen and I’m always the king. Galette des Rois Dimanche dernier, pour l’épiphanie, Gina a fait une galette des rois avec […]

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