Copper Horse Vineyard - Arizona

Risotto Di Mare

Risotto Di Mare Wine: We have a Chenin Blanc 2017 “Petit Zebra” from Western Cape, South Africa. It is crisp, zingy, with citrus (aka acidic) and some tropical flavors. Food pairing: Gina did a risotto with rice, some onions and cayenne peppers, topped with some seafood (calamari). A chenin blanc from the shore with seafood… […]

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Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast Today we are having eggs cooked in white wine and butter with gruyère and Dijon mustard, then served on a toasted muffin. The wine is our own Riesling. We used to do that recipe a lot in Seattle with Château Saint Michel Riesling. But I think it is better with ours.Ours is silkier […]

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