Spaghettis in cream sauce with bacon

Spaghettis in cream sauce with bacon: Usual spaghettis with cream and egg sauce and bits of bacon. The salad is spinach with pear and almonds slivers. Wine pairing: It has to be a white, creamy, and acid at the same time to match the cream and the bacon. We choose an Australian Chardonnay, Boondaree 2016 […]

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Brandade de Morue

Cod with cheese and potatoes: This is a French traditional plate called Brandade de Morrue that we do from time to time, served here with a salad of cabbage and breads. Some traditional home-made bread and some raisin bread called Challah. Wine Pairing: In the South of France, they drink a Côte de Provence rosé, […]

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Flat Bread with escargots and plateau de fromages et charcutries served with a Bordeaux

Flat Bread with escargots and plateau de fromages et charcuteries served with a Bordeaux: (*) Which means pizza of snails, with stinky cheese and red wine! The homemade pizza has French snails, garlic, artichokes hearts and cheese. The cheese plate has homemade goat Camembert, Manchego, and cheddar. The charcuterie is Italian salami. Wine pairing: We […]

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Chipotle butter Turkey

Chipotle butter Turkey: First make your Chipotle butter by mixing vinegar, chipotles, minced garlic, dried oregano and chopped thyme. Then spread the butter with your hand in and out the turkey before putting it in the oven. Wine pairing: A Beaujolais Nouveau is usually the best with Turkey, but maybe not this time because of […]

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Guinea Hen with spinach salad

Guinea Hen with spinach salad. Guinea Hen cooked in the oven with wild mushrooms, bacon bits, and pine nuts, served with a spinach salad with palm hearts, pear, and grated Italian cheese. All that is coming with fresh baked bread. Accord vins: A chardonnay will be appropriate, but we tried with a local Viognier from […]

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Spaghetti with a special wine

Spaghetti with a special wine. Spaghetti in a wild mushroom sauce and cover with Italian grated cheese. Wine pairing: For this very earthy dish, in Italy, we would have a Chianti on the base that "what grows together goes together". So we chose a Local Sangiovese wine 2016 from those crazy people of Copper Horse […]

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Sauerkraut with Pumpernickel Bread

Sauerkraut with Pumpernickel Bread. Gina cooked the sauerkraut in Tecate beer with bits of apple, coriander, mace, and cardamon. We use Polish sausage with our Sauerkraut. We served it with a homemade pumpernickel bread. Gina puts molasses, cocoa, and espresso in the bread, then spread some ground coriander on top before baking. Wine pairing: Sauerkraut […]

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Pasta with Calamari and spinach salad

Pasta with Calamari and spinach salad. Prepare some linguini pasta, then top with calamari, and add some cilantro. The salad is a spinach salad with sliced pear and hazelnut, and a vinaigrette sauce. Some fresh homemade bread was made to accompany the dish. Wine pairing: A nice acidic and fruity wine to match the salad. […]

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Steak, Salad and Wine

Steak, Salad and Wine. You grill a nice thick sirloin steak, on a very hot BBQ, 1 minute each side, and serve it warm with a spinach salad with sauteed mushroom and fresh tomatoes, and some steamed broccoli. Pairing: Red meat calls for red wine, mushrooms call for something earthy, and the broccoli calls for […]

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Pizza with pesto and seafood

Pizza with pesto and seafood We made our own pizza dough, but you can buy some. Spread some pesto and add your seafood, calamari and small sea scallops. Note, you can precook the dough so not to overcook the seafood. Pairing: A white wine, dry and fruity, with some body. we opened a Gavi di […]

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